We are relaunching Sunday gatherings!

We are delighted that we are able to relaunch our Sunday 10:00am Worship in-person from Sunday 7th November, along with continuing our Sunday YouTube Livestream of our services, available live and on-demand through the week.


Will I need to be vaccinated to come along in-person?

When our Church re-opens for on-site worship,  anyone aged over 16 years will need to be fully vaccinated when attending worship services in the buildings. For many of us, this feels very counter-intuitive to the way Church is supposed to work,  and we at Willi Church remain committed to being a Church that is as open, inclusive and welcoming as possible, to all people.

However, we are in extraordinary times, there is a deadly pandemic, and we feel called to care for and protect the most vulnerable amongst us, particularly our elderly and immunocompromised members and our children who are unable to be vaccinated. We also are committed to complying with all Victorian Government and Churches of Christ Vic-Tas advice.

We look forward to the day when we can re-open our worship gatherings to all, regardless of vaccination status, but we feel strongly that we need to care for our most vulnerable people in this time. We acknowledge that this measure will cause some pain and discomfort.

Yes, you will need to confirm your vaccination status when checking in on-site. Evidence of vaccination can include:

  • COVID-19 digital certificate within the Service Victoria app on a smartphone (needs to be linked first by user - here's how to do it)
  • Immunisation history statement available from Medicare
  • MyGov COVID-19 digital certificate
  • My Health Record and Medicare online account
  • Proof of relevant medical exemption (e.g. a letter from a GP)

Those who are unvaccinated or do not wish to disclose their vaccination status are able to join us online via our 10am Sunday YouTube Livestream, and can join us when we meet for our outdoors Summer worship gatherings planned for December and January.  

Call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.  

Firstly, excitement and joy that we can gather together on-site again! Secondly, there will be a number of measures in place to ensure our gatherings are Covid-safe. These will include: 

  • Checking in using the ServiceVictoria QR code. 
  • Wearing masks. 
  • Social distancing. 
  • Sanitiser made available around our building. 
  • Sanitising spaces in between groups gathering.
  • Limits on the number of people indoors and outdoors in line with current density limits - according to the current 4 square metre density limits, we are permitted 34 people in the chapel plus Service Team (usually 7 people), as well as our Seeds children and volunteers who will be in the hall (we are permitted up to 34 people in the hall).

This is a challenging time for some of us

We want to acknowledge that current environment is a challenging one for some in our church family and that there are a range of perspectives in our community on both the vaccine and Government decisions. The desire and responsibility that our Church Executive has is to act in all matters with grace, wisdom, generosity and inclusion and certainly we are committed to being as welcoming and open to everyone, as is possible for us as a Church to be in this time.

We are still waiting on specific details from the Victorian Government, but our current understanding is that if you have a medical exemption you will be treated as if you are vaccinated for the purposes of attending gatherings restricted to vaccinated people.

With Victoria progressively opening up over the next few months, it is possible that our building may become an exposure site due to a Covid-positive case. Should this happen, we will follow our Covid-safe plan for notifying health authorities and those who may have attended our facility at the same time. We will also ensure our facility is deep-cleaned before reopening. Depending on the circumstances, it may require us to suspend in-person gatherings and remain in an online capacity for a short time.