Welcome to Williamstown Church of Christ!
Willi Church is refreshing its sense of purpose and identity for our next season.

Our church community is made up of all sorts of people from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life. What brings us together is our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to follow Jesus together as one faith community.


'A Vision of Who We Are and Who We Are Becoming'

Shared by our Vision Team with our Willi Church Community, October 2021

God is birthing a space, a home, a community
Where we can share our stories and find acceptance
Where we can experience God’s grace in true community
Where people are set free from shame and pain
Where courageous conversations can happen
Where we lift each other up in prayer
Where we can be honest about faith
Where we can ask the big questions of life, and find truth in Scripture
Where we can journey towards wholeness in Christ
Where we can find close, trusted spiritual companions
Where we can walk the long journey of obedience towards Jesus
Where we can find rest from our striving
Where we can give up ourselves and find our true identity in Jesus