We invite you to be a part of our Williamstown Church of Christ Annual General Meeting which will be held after Church on Sunday 14th November in-person and via our YouTube Livestream.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an official church member or not! Join us as we celebrate all the great things God has been doing in our community and as we look ahead to the plans and vision we sense God is leading us into in the year to come. We will also elect new leaders to our Church Executive (church board). The annual report is confirmed at the AGM along with approving our financial reports and our budget for the new year. 

If you would like to submit a Business Matter for the AGM (an item you would like discussed in the meeting), please email our Exec at exec@willichurch.org.au. Nominations are now open for our Church Executive (board). See info below and nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Helpful Information on the Williamstown Church of Christ Executive Committee
Our Church Executive Committee (‘Exec’) is the board who represents the membership and oversees the vision, governance, finances, employment, property and other administrative matters of the church. 
According to our Constitution, the Executive shall consist of the following:
●    the Minister(s) and
●    up to 6 other elected members.

Currently our Executive has Megan Jung (Lead Pastor) and 5 elected members: 1. Frank Morabito (Chair), 2. Karen Hartman, 3. Janet Pearson and 4. David Fenn and Scott Lanyon. With Janet concluding her role on Exec at this year’s AGM, and with Karen and Frank’s two year term concluding this year, there will be 3 vacancies at the 2021 AGM. 

Executive Nominations are open from Sunday 10 October to Sunday 24 October. Nominees must be Official Members of the Church and will be elected for a two year term. The Executive usually meets monthly on a Thursday evening for two hours. For more information on Executive or a full role description, please speak to a current Member of the Executive or email exec@willichurch.org.au

This is an exciting opportunity to use your skills to serve God and our Church.