Inner West Alpha 2022
Got questions about the meaning of life, faith or who God is?

Alpha is a course run all over the world, it provides an opportunity for you and your friends to explore life and the Christian faith.

Inner West Alpha is a 7 week course run on a Wednesday night, launching Wednesday May 25th with Dinner provided. There is an in-person or online course.

This is a space where you can ask any questions you like in an open and friendly environment. No one is going to judge you, no one is going to tell you what to believe; if you don't like coming along you can leave at any time, no one will follow you up.

What to expect:

Each week will meet together as a group at Williamstown Church of Christ or online and watch a 30 minute video. We'll then break up into smaller groups to chat about life's big questions. 

Each week is a different topic, such as: Who is Jesus? Why and How should I read the Bible? Why did Jesus die? Is there more to life than this?

The first week those in-person will have dinner together, after that we'll provide dessert and it's all free.

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